Fuck you, pantyhose

from my new favourite blog. what a cool lady! can’t wait to read more.

Fuck you, pantyhose.

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Langstraat – Long Street, Cape Town


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klop klop

image95852833.jpgKaapse Klopse passing through the Bo-Kaap with Table Mountain in the background. lovely day in Cape Town.

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is so.is so.

image1045871344.jpgzarius, ek gaan jou mis.

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image429793952.jpgthese are happy friends in the cable car going up the mountain.

it is expensive at R200 a return trip (about 20 dollars or so). but if you come after six in the afternoon, you pay halfprice.

now you know, if you didn’t before.

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and then this other day

image423272836.jpgand then this other day we all went up Table Mountain.

and we were happy and all.

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A Kalk Bay Day

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hunter my held.

hey you die antwoord fans always visiting my blogs for perv pictures of yolandi visser – let me introduce you to a new band. maybe you’ve heard of them.

die heuwels fantasties. directly translated from Afrikaans: the hills fantastic

one of the guys in this band, um, well, i have improper thoughts about him.

i seriously like him a lot and i don’t know what it is. WHY.

make no mistake, i have a boyfriend, one i intend to marry. but damn, i love it to perv on hunter kennedy.

once, long ago, i met him a fraction of a second. not really meet.

i was a dj at university, with my own radio show about local music (mostly afrikaans, but others as well).

fokofpolisiekar (huge wonderful great befokte band) (hunter is in this band as well – all of these guys’ big break, as they say) came in for an interview, but our station manager gave the interview to some other random guy.

it kind’ve upset me, but cool, i got out of the studio. my cd’s for my show was still lying about all over.

and i remember looking through the looking glass, and seeing hunter very interested in my breyten breytenbach cd – lady one.

i think that impressed him.

afterwards, i went in back to go on with my show, and the whole band walked out.

hunter was the last to leave, and slowly put down the breytenbach cd.

i had my camera with me, and just as he was about to walk out the door, i said, i said “hunter”, and he turned around and smiled for a moment. and then it was all over.

i have the photo somewhere, it’s a bit of a blur.

here’s some other pics i found on the internet. sorry man, don’t have the links, but will be glad to put them up if they are yours.


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How to make a dreadful Tuesday the perfect day? Pick up your boyfriend at the office and go for fish and chips in the seaside village of Kalk Bay!

Capetonians know the place of perfect fish – Kalky’s in the village harbour.

Fish don’t come fresher than this. Watch the fisherman get off their little boats, fish in hand, taking it through to the kitchen.

It’s extremely affordable and a great experience!



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vir my beste - you want some pie?

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