i can think of a thousand reasons why south africa.

cape town, south africa

beautiful cape town, south africa

plenty of reasons why one should visit south africa.

1. the people are friendly.
really, they are truly friendly. most of them will always smile. and if you ask them something, directions or so, they’ll always help. with the world cup, we all blew vuvuzelas at each other in traffic, it was crazy and a lot of fun.

2. the people like foreigners. A LOT.
everybody here loves foreigners. from the ou tannie (old lady) in a cafe in the platteland to the street sweeper in johannesburg to the flowerseller at the intersection in adderleystreet in cape town. if we hear you are foreign, we’d like to talk to you. some of us go up to you and do it. like me, i do it. i have spoken to people on trains and buses, at busstops in restaurants. we are all interested to know how you are finding our country and whether you’ve been to the cape or kruger (that is the national park for those who don’t know – i think it’s about the size of the netherlands someone said once, but i don’t know about that).

3. the beaches.
oh we love our beaches! one can swim in our beautiful, beauitful oceans and holiday at the sea side. in cape town one can take beautiful pics with table mountain in the background (those photos are taken from Bloubergstrand – translated: blue mountain beach). on the east coast, ocean is a lot warmer (hot mozambique ocean stream travelling up there). port elizabeth has my favourite beaches (as it is also my home town and a special place in my heart). closer you get to durban, the hotter that water gets. and watch out for the wild coast, waters are treacherous there.

4. living is relatively cheap.
i mean a samoesa is like R2,50. and you can have a smart restaurant meal for 2 for R300 (including drinks). and well, it’s quite cheap. if we go to europe we die of hunger. if europeans come here, they’re like rich bitches (as yo-landi vi$$er sings from Die Antwoord).

5. our food are amazing.
it is. it really is. because we have so many cultures, you see. i like eating from the boere: braaivleis and boerewors, melktert, koeksusters.

and from the xhosas i like samp and beans, mpokonqo, amazi (and lots of meat, man, the people like their meats).

the malay gave me samoesas and bobotie (although the afrikaners took it in their culture as well) and koesisters (which is not the same as koeksusters, although some think so).

i would have to do totally seperate post about the food, i realise now. hmm.

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sleep, dream and live in observatory, cape town.
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