almost roadtripping.

welcome to the owl house

almost time for our roadtrip…

planning to go back home east for our yearly wegkomkans (getting away) with great friends. we’ve been doing this close to ten years now.

our first wegkomkans was held in nieu-bethesda, a very small village in the eastern cape. it is well known for the owl house. lesser known is the pure magic that radiates from this village.

taking the boyfriend there this coming weekend, yeah!

thus, our route will be as follows:

taking the N1 from cape town, via matjiesfontein. then beaufort-west (beautiful in beaufort-wes – song by gert vlok nel), turning towards graaff-reinet via aberdeen.

just outside graaff-reinet i’ll take him to the valley of desolation, where you can see all the kingdoms in heaven, so vast the karoo plain lies in front of he who wants to see.

and then straight on to nieu-bethesda. where i hope it’ll snow… we’ll spend the night in athol fugard’s (surely south africa’s most well known playwright) little house, called Jubilee.

i am hoping it’ll snow, but not betting on it.

after our weekend there, it’s on our way to our favourite city in the world, port elizabeth. both me and the guy were born there. the friendly city. and we can’t wait to be back home again.

after a few days it is going west again on the N2 all along the garden route, to sedgefield. where we’ll have four days of total mayhem and fun and laughter and dancing and drinking and loving and silliness. with a dozen of the greatest people ever known.

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sleep, dream and live in observatory, cape town.
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