south africa always welcomes you.

Utatomkhulu uMandela

it has been a year since the start of the soccer world cup in south africa.

and what BEAUTIFUL memories we have.

we as south africans have been waiting for you, the world, in great anticipation for many years. we have talked about your coming at dinner parties, in parks, in the line at the bank, in the cafe buying bread.

we started building stadiums, we improved our roads, we planted flowers.

we upgraded our rooms, bought new beds, threw out the old bedding and bought new ones.

we perfected our food, made a lot extra so you won’t go hungry.

we even learned to say hello, welcome, in a few languages of the world.

and then, at long last, you came.

in your thousands you came and we couldn’t have been more excited. we wore our bafana shirts proudly, we blew our vuvuzelas loudly to welcome you, we waved and we danced.

in the traffic we greeted each other with a loud bbbbbbbbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrp, our cars adorned with our beautiful flag full of history of our divided land, now unified.

thank you for coming out here. thank you for not listening to the doomsday sayers. thank you for loving our country like we do, for embracing it, for embracing us.

you were very welcome, and you still are. come back anyday, south africa is lekker, mzanzi nca!

About observatorylives

sleep, dream and live in observatory, cape town.
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